Sunday, March 20, 2011

The NJNM Podcast: Ep. 34 - The Italian Job ('69 and '03 versions)

In this week's episode, Ben and Tyler take on a double feature of The Italian Job with Peter Collinson's 1969 version and F. Gary Gray's 2003 version.

Character Name Game intro - 02:35
In My Netflix - 3:00

Media Consumed

The Frotcast - 11:30
WTF Podcast - 12:25
Fred: The Movie - 14:25

Green Street Hooligans - 19:25

The Italian Job ('69) - 25:25
The Italian Job ('03) - 47:10

Next Week: Eight Men Out - 01:19:45
Listener Voicemail/E-Mail/Twitter - 01:20:29
Character Name Game - 01:21:46


Panther Joe said...

@Trehern So I'm confused, did you or did you not watch Fred The Movie? Because for it to make the hollowed grounds of Media Consumed, media should be taken in to completion.

So yeah, go back and watch that, on the double!

@Ben P. 0 for 4?! That's gotta be a new low in NJNM mini-game history. Race over to your nearest Big Wangs Sports Bar in LA and drown your sorrows, rook.

Scott Kirchhofer said...

Love the show Ben. I've been listening since the first episode. You always provide a fun, entertaining and professional podcast. I know it's suppose to be silly, but the music for the "In My Netflix" segment of the show is really bad. So bad I have to tell you about it. Please understand it gives me no pleasure to criticize this show, but that music sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. I like the IMN segment but the music needs to go. That is all. Keep up the good work.

Ben Pearson said...

Hahaha...thanks for the feedback, Scott. I find it hilarious that you're that passionate about it. I'll talk to Tyler and see if we can make some changes. Thanks for your support and for getting the word out!

The Real Alan Trehern said...

Music: STAYS!

Panther Joe said...

Wow, usually I would stay out of something like this, but the IMN music is radical. Probably the best ensemble since I first heard "News Team, Assemble!"