Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crazy Heart: Trehern Perspective

The Original Crazy Heart Review, by Blogmasta Ben Pearson

What happens when Trehern watches a movie that already has a review here at NotJustNewMovies.com? Well, you get a "Trehern Perspective", which is going to be short paragraphs dictating my thoughts. And my word is law.

Crazy Heart
Writer/Director: Scott Cooper
Starring: Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Robert Duvall and Colin Farrel
**sigh** I thought this movie would be pretty good considering Bridges won Best Actor at the Academy Awards last year (for what that's worth). As I mentioned on the Not Just New Movies Podcast (see above), I kept thinking The Wrestler. With the comparisons of men trying to recapture their youth or success, these movies have very similar feelings. I preferred The Wrestler though, since Bad Blake didn't really hit any real hurdles until the end, which he eventually overcame with little to no adversity.

The relationship between Craddock (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and Bad Blake sent queasy lightning bolts to my stomach lining. Don't really care for Gyllenhaal, so that might have had an effect on the revolting response I had to her and Bridges making out and doing other stuff... **holds down Triple BK Stacker** She was as big a drunk as Blake was. Alright, I get it, kids wandering away in a crowded mall is a deal-breaker; but don't trust your kid with a 57-year old drunk who throws up into trash cans during his guitar solo (NOTE: A clear sign of real rock n' roll).

Good story, good music, an Irish western singer, lame love interests and a similarity to a righteous Aronofsky film makes Crazy Heart worth a watch. But don't be surprised when you finally get to see Bad Blake's tombstone...

Hmmm...Doesn't really scream, "Throwing up in a trash can..."

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