Saturday, March 6, 2010

DeepStar Six

Welcome to DeepStar Six, the newest and safest underwater science laboratory in the world. Please enjoy your visit with our underwater basketball courts and the luscious seaweed gardens. Captaining your sea-vessel today is esteemed Cpt. Alan Trehern. Please keep all valuables in the carrying net located underneath your seat. In case of an emergency, please do not panic but calmly locate to the escape pods, located to the front and back of the submarine. Please stand by for decompression and enjoy your stay at DeepStar Six.

DeepStar Six
Directed by Sean S. Cunningham

Starring Taurean Blacque, Nancy Everhard and Miguel Ferrer
When this movie first started, I felt like I was on an EPCOT ride. Something along those lines. Just the 80s quality film and music made this film look more like a marine life documentary than any actual Hollywood movie. Going in, I figured I was watching another bad movie (I’m on a roll lately), but I was pleasantly surprised when DeepStar Six went above and beyond my expectations.


Deepstar Six is an underwater science lab that not only studies marine life and advances technology use six miles below the ocean’s surface, but its crew oversees the construction of missile docks for the United States Navy. After a series of accidents, the incompetent crew open up a deep cavern releasing a terrible monster that begins attacking everything.
The film itself is an enjoyable synthesis of movies like Wargames and Jaws with that core “monster movie” characteristic. You never know which crewmember is going to get killed next, and you don’t quite know when the monster will strike. DeepStar also did a swell job of concealing the monster until the very end (similar to Cloverfield).

The best performance among the myriad of acceptable performances was from Snyder (Miguel Ferrer), who manages to play the lovable dickhead who eventually goes on to fail his teammates, regret it and screw over the survivors in one fell swoop. He’s as selfish as he is brainless, but he plays a somewhat comedic role, and for a monster movie like this, his performance improves this film’s overall experience.

Now I could spend all day talking about how the technology of the 1980s, the same tech that is portrayed in the movie, was incapable of this type of research. I’m no expert, but computers in 1989 had less than 3 MB RAM, so you would need huge computers doing the work they were doing underwater. Not to mention the reactor that allegedly powered the place was never addressed, and the audience was just supposed to use blind faith in its abilities. If you get past all this, you’ll do fine.

Final Thoughts
I’m a big fan of bad horror movies. You know the ones that are so bad they’re good? DeepStar Six is NOT one of those movies, although I thought it would be. Instead, it proved to be a well-produced, well-acted, suspenseful action/thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat and satisfyingly entertained. I suggest you search for it on your cable package next time you want a quick fix, or put it in your video queue. You’ll enjoy it. Especially the tagline:

“Not All Aliens Come From Space. Save Your Last Breath... To Scream.”

Ahhhh…!! **gurgle**

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Ben Pearson said...

Solid! I really dig Miguel Ferrer; I've liked him in just about everything I've seen him in.