Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Madness 2010

Welcome back to Ben's Movie Reviews, and welcome to March Madness 2010 Edition. One frequent guest collaborator has already beaten me to the punch with the first film of the month, and you can read his review of Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic by clicking the link or searching through the archives.

If you're reading this, then you probably know I've been writing for other sites for some time now, and this blog has fallen into a secondary position lately. I basically use it as an aggregate of my reviews from around the web. I've also started writing about TV at Media Consumed, another blog I started a while back, and I've recently engaged in a CBS Show Photoshop Pun War with The Solar Sentinel. The results of that battle are coming in as we speak over at The Playing Field, so keep checking there for the eventual winner.

The point being that "Not Just New Movies" has been pretty much, well, just new movies lately. I intend to use this year's March Madness to remedy that. So if you've got some old favorites that you want to see reviewed here, throw your suggestions in the comments section. I won't promise to review them, but who knows - you might spark some interest in me and I'll give your selection a whirl. For now, look for a review of Steve Martin's The Jerk coming to the site tomorrow. [Probably around 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific, if I had to guess.]

Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes glued here (and at Media Consumed, etc.) for more from me over the next month and beyond!


Jacob said...

I suggest the movie Breaking Away

Buford Grundle-Gleason said...

the crazies, out this month in theatres.