Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Podcast - "Movies With Bob and Phil"

We've found our official podcast here at Ben's Movie Reviews. Everyone else seems to have a podcast, so we're jumping on that as well.

A couple of our Northern friends, Brooklyn Bob and Staten Island Phil, review movies up in New York and we have decided to host their podcast here at this site. Their first entry can be found at movieswithbobandphil.mevio.com, and you can reach them directly through e-mail at bobandphildomovies@gmail.com.

Their first podcast includes a review of the Chris Evans/Dakota Fanning film Push, after about three minutes of introduction from the duo. Leave comments either here or in their e-mail inbox - they're always looking for suggestions for what to watch next. Until next time...

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Boomer said...

Wow, I'm loving it.