Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 3

After featuring both Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman in earlier weeks (and taking a few weeks off afterwards), I'm back in action for Week 3. And since those dudes were pretty old, let's take a look at a solid up-and-comer instead of another geriatric.

Week 3 - Natalie Portman

Definitely one of my favorite actresses, Portman is a diamond in the rough - a young actress who is really attractive and also has considerable talent. And did I mention she holds a degree in psychology from Harvard? Her performances in V For Vendetta and Garden State are my favorites, and since her career only really started in 1994, we've got a lot more to look forward to from Ms. Portman. Next up is a movie called Brothers where she'll star opposite Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire. My favorite quote lies within this video somewhere; there are a couple really solid ones to choose from. Anyone who can make fun of herself to this extent has a little respect in my book. Until next time...

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Alan Trehern said...

Ah...Natalie Portman, one of many lucky female celebs whom I've dated. Did I ever mention that I snapped that photog you posted early one Saturday morning during Ninja Turtles in Space?