Sunday, May 13, 2012

The NJNM Podcast: Ep. 89 - Sneakers

In this week's episode, Ben and Tyler discuss Phil Alden Robinson's 1992 film, Sneakers.

Character Name Game Intro - 1:45

Media Consumed
Season 1 of "Girls" - 2:35
Clock Suckers - 8:12
Not Another Avengers Review - 9:55
The Avengers - 11:30

The Three Musketeers - 16:30
The Firm - 18:33

Sneakers - 21:15

Next Time: "Mystery Movie May" Continues! - 47:45
Listener E-mail/Voicemail/Twitter - 48:55
Character Name Game - 54:20
Where You Can Find Us - 57:55


Vi said...

Every time I cum on here there’s always a porn movie title. You guys are seriously freaky!

Leo said...

Hi, Matthew McConaughey was in another John Grisham adaptation called "A Time to Kill", which also has Sandra Bullock and Samuel L. Jackson.

Hipster Power Ranking Guy said...

"Girls" Power Rankings from March 6 episode, "Hannah's Diary"

1. Shoshanna - Fearfully honest and at times, cute as a button. Also, easily the most likeable character at this point.

2. Jess - Terrible at her job, and is probably a homewrecker, but kids suck and at least she has honest employment.

3. Hannah - Her morals are lost to the D and she has no shame about the receiving end of sexual harassment. Blegh. Come harder and smarter next time.

4. Marni - Except for overreacting to some petty girl shit at the end, completely AWOL in this episode. Do ANYTHING of significance and I'll heart you forever, sweet, sweet Marni.

Vi said...

I am ashamed of my comment. Can you delete it?