Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The NJNM Podcast: Ep. 48 - Weekend at Bernies

In this episode, Ben is on sabbatical, so Tyler steps in to host with employees Kate Erbland (@) and Allison Loring (@). We talk WEEKEND AT BERNIES and WEEKEND AT BERNIES 2, and then head on off to the all-night (and fictional) Chinese restaurant for some NJNM: After Midnight... ENJOY!

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Intro and some Movie News (The Dark Knight Rises!)

Media Consumed

Horrible Bosses, NETFLIX hikes their prices, Battle Royale, Between the Folds, a literal cat fight and MORE!
Review of the Week

The new game
Know Your Specs (or Up Your Specs)

Find us in Cyberspace, listener Twitter and e-mails and exit.

And join us for NJNM After Midnight: Transformers Dark of the Moon, after the jump...

Episode 2: Transformers 3

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90's Nino said...

I can't believe you guys nitpicked and found redeeming qualities about this prime example of why the 80's battered us and left us in a corner to be pissed upon by a hobo and die.

Hey, Bernie's dead? Call the f*cking authorities! I'm sure it would have taken the police a few days to realize he was into embezzlement AND linked to the mafia and put two and two together.

God, seriously, F the 80's in the A!

a said...

But then it wouldn't have been funny! It would have been practical! Admittedly - this movie is a guilty pleasure (emphasis on the GUILT). But I do appreciate you mentioning hobos in your comment! :)