Sunday, February 13, 2011

The NJNM Podcast: Ep. 29 - Lawrence of Arabia

In this week's episode, Tyler and Ben discuss David Lean's 1962 epic, Lawrence of Arabia.

Character Name Game intro - 01:10

Media Consumed
Acquisition of Retro Duel - 2:05
Final Fight - 3:15
Season 2 Premiere of "Justified" - 7:55

Rocky - 13:10

Lawrence of Arabia - 19:15

Next Week: The Wizard - 59:40
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Character Name Game - 01:02:12
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Panther Joe said...

I loved this episode, but I just can't think in good faith that if you went back and listened to your opinion of the movie you would stick with your underlying appraisal of a movie that didn't entertain.

Entertainment is where the buck should stop and if you fail to deliver it sometimes feels that we try and justify something worthy because we committed X amount of hours to this film (in this case, nearly four).

You also touched on another great point--LOA doesn't come off as timeless and hasn't aged well, unlike cinematic feats like Jaws and The Wizard of Oz. This could have been the "bees knees" back in the day, but after talking the movie down it should have been more clear that this should be something forever lost in time.

And yes, hopefully if the Apple 2 gets a sport parameter you guys can do a Rocky series.

Ben Pearson said...

Good points, Joe.

I actually did go back and listen to it (since I had to edit the episode), and after listening to it I think you're right - we did heap a ton of praise on it, probably more than I would have liked. I just thought a majority of the movie was boring but impressive from a technical standpoint. I totally see what you're saying about justifying our devoted time, though.

The Real Alan Trehern said...

It was still f*ckin' boring, dude!