Friday, January 28, 2011

The NJNM Podcast: Ep. 26 - Legendary and Knucklehead

Tyler and Joe (from The Playing Field) attempt to discuss WWE produced films Legendary and Knucklehead, both from 2010.

(Also, during the first part of the episode, Tyler thinks walking away from the microphone doesn't affect his sound. It does. Sorry.)

Banter - 00:38

Media Consumed
Fahrenheit 9/11 and Capitalism - 08:00
"Kitchen Nightmares" - 10:30

"Holly's World" - 13:00
"The Cape" - 16:11

Character Name Game Intro - 24:00
"In my NetFlix" - 26:04
Is "Is it META" meta? - 32:00

Legendary- 32:47
Knucklehead - 53:02

Character Name Game Finale - 01:12:50
Listener E-mail/Twitter/Closing - 01:16:45

Reviews Mentioned:
Red Sonja


Ben Pearson said...

Glad you guys got this one up while I'm gone - Tyler, the fluctuating volume can be fixed if you plug your computer directly into the router instead of going wirelessly. We had those issues with some early episodes of the podcast.

I'm currently only about 10 minutes into this, so I'll throw down my thoughts after I get a chance to listen to the whole thing.

Ron Swanson said...

I agree with the misogynist...women are terrible actors and the format of the Oscars is proof. If they didn't have a Best Actress award, at least the ten best would be men.

Ben Pearson said...

Nice job guys. This turned out way better than my preconceived notions about the movies you watched indicated.