Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The NJNM Podcast: Ep. 1 - All Things Batman

Greetings to all. If you read this site, then I would highly suggest listening to the site's official podcast, called - unsurprisingly - The Not Just New Movies Podcast.

In our inaugural episode, Branz, Pat, Jared, and I discuss Batman on Film: everything from the 1966 Adam West version all the way up to The Dark Knight. This edition runs just over two hours (!?!?), but I'm guessing the normal run time of the show will be about an hour. So kick open another tab and check out our new podcast. Or, you can subscribe for free on iTunes. Let us know what you think by e-mailing in to notjustnewmovies@gmail.com, and enjoy!

(Read a better constructed press release at The Solar Sentinel.)

This Week in TV
Season 4 premiere of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - 2:30

Season 7 premiere of "Tony Bourdain: No Reservations" - 3:40
"Friday Night Lights" - 4:20

LeBron's "The Decision" - 4:51
Batman Issue #700 - 5:20
Regards to the Barefoot Bandit - 5:41

"The Good Guys" - 6:30

1966 Batman - 8:18
Tim Burton's Batman - 19:30
Batman Returns - 40:15
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - 53:00
Batman Forever - 01:08:30
Batman and Robin - 01:20:50
Batman Begins - 01:36:35
The Dark Knight - 01:48:47

Apple II and announcement of Outland for next week - 02:08:15
Where You Can Find Us - 02:10:20

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