Friday, January 9, 2009

What I've Been Watching, Episode 1

What I've Been Watching Ep. 1 from Ben Pearson on Vimeo.

Sorry about the bad video quality - I'll try to boost it next time. Oh yeah, and I think I say the word "awesome" about 160 times in this video. Somebody do a count for me, and you'll receive a free high five next time I see you. Until next time...


ken said...

Street Fighter is f*ckin dank!!

Helena Bonham Carter said...

Seven, btw.


Head Hero said...

Love the shirt (we kicked a$$) and love the poster (Sin City is awesome).
I appreciate Entourage for all the sweet inside jokes about films (the Aquaman saga was awesome).
I am still hoping for a Flash movie, but I hear all DC films on are hold now.
Lost is a show that has been on my must see list for the past several months...but someone is trying to make me watch other shows that she likes.
So many of them!
Speaking of omnibuses, do you guys have a Matrix one (could include the films, Enter the Matrix, Path of Neo, and Matrix Online). Might be just me since I am a Matrix geek through and through.

Ben Pearson said...

Put LOST at the top of your queue - you can't miss an episode.

No Matrix omnibus yet, but definitely something to consider for 2009. We're toying with the idea of a Dirty Harry omnibus, as well as some others.

I, too, am hopeful for a Flash movie (still starring Ryan Reynolds). Hopefully DC can get their act together soon.

Boze said...

Yeah the 26 Shirt... That's why we won!!!

Joey Joe said...

awesome stuff. you really aren't the one to fight through terrible things, especially 20-something 22 minute episodes of a bad show on dvd.

its like that daffy duck poster in my room. "persistence, man."

Alan Trehern said...

Oh how wrong you are Joe...those were 20-something 50 minute Flash episodes...A torture technique used in only the most primitive of nation states.

Boomer said...

i loved this