Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some Movies That Need The Trehern Touch:

or Movies I've seen recently...
Dick Tracy (1990)
My favorite movie when I was a kid. I went to see it with my dad when I was five years old. I remember it, believe it or not, and this break I watched it for the first time since then. I still thought it was really good. The acting was great, especially Pacino and Beatty, and the set art took you away to some made up urban city. It was truely one of those escape movies. Plus, the kid from Hook was in it, and he's always a hoot. Madonna was ridiculously hot in this movie, and I usually don't like her. Not much more to say, just that this is a movie you need to see at least once. Charlie Wilson's War (2007)
One of the few movies I saw in theaters this winter season, it was lackluster at best. it started out pretty raunchy, but soon led into the political storyline, which was midlly exciting. The Afghan attacks seemed a little CG, and the Tom Hanks character was, in my opinion, mentally retarded. Positives in this film?: Wilson's good looking secretaries and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who I really don't like, but did in this movie. I then watched MI:III and didn't like him all over again. He's just got that snobbish air about him. Oh well.
The movie ended terribly as well.

Over the Top (1987)
This movie was awesome, and it really got me pumped for the upcoming Stallone classic Rambo. If you've never seen this movie, its one of those rise to the top sports movies that make you feel good about yourself. It's basically Rudy, Remember the Titans and We Are Marshall COMBINED! I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was the first obscure sports movie that started the craze leading to such movies as Dodgeball, Balls of Fury, etc. Also, the music is all done by Giorgio Moroder, who also did exceptional music composition for The NeverEnding Story; its got that 80s synthesized feel I enjoy so much. I wouldn't be opposed to watching it during the incomprable and face-melting event: ULTRAMAN WEEKEND 2008! Pencil it in.
Live A Little, Love A Little (1968)
This movie was AWFUL. I really like Elvis movies, and I never put them down, but geez E, the directors really screwed you over in this one. The movie had little to no plot, and the character acting was subterranean. Elements missing from this movie was Elvis winning the big race (he didn't do anything along these lines), a funny side kick (the
other husband from Bewitched, who I wanted to kick in the face), and a drop dead hottie as his leading lady (the lady in this movie was insane, and pretty much a "But-Her-Face"). This movie had none of these positive elements. I got this movie for my mom, but I corrected the mistake by buying Tickle Me instead; hopefully that one is better. Elvis may have lived and loved a little in this movie, but I died a little after watching it.

3 Godfathers (1948)
This movie was excellent for the following reasons: it was a western, it had John Wayne in it, it had Ward Bond in it, it was directed by John Ford and it took place at Christmas time. Should I go on? The 3 Godfathers narrates the story of three criminals who have just robbed a bank in a small town in the west. The sherriff, who met them at the beginning, is now hot on their trail, cutting them off before they can get any water out in the desert. Dying of thirst, John Wayne, Pedro Somethingorother and Harry Carey Jr. rescue a newborn baby from its dying mother (who incedently is the daughter of the sheriff). It's a really good holiday classic.

Anecdote: My dad and I wanted to watch it this Christmas season, but we only had it on videocassette. Try as we may, we could not sync up our HDTV to our VCR. Dispair entered the usually joyful rooms of the Trehern household. But, what's this? A Christmas miracle! When we checked the On-Demand option of TCM, 3 Godfathers was the first in the western section. Hoots and hollers echoed throughout Timber Woods as the Trehern boys and girls triumphantly broke open bottles of egg nog and munched on dark chocolate M&Ms. Truely, it was one of the greatest Christmas moments of my life.

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