Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Pokémon Trailer

By Guest Contributor Alan Trehern

is pretty gay, let me just say that right now. Brother, if you still like this crap, then you need to grow up and do coke like an adult. Not my joke, but I'm stealing it anyway.

But at one time, this lame excuse for children's entertainment took the world by storm. It had a mad following, almost as much as your boy Trehern does! And this trailer, from what I can tell, was made by those same kids that watched the cartoon in the late 1990s.

The actors in this piece are by far the cheesiest I've seen in fan-made cinema. But they bring the whole thing together with the hot red-head and the guy that constantly keeps his eyes closed (get it, cause he's Asian?...some people are just plain racist.) The sound effects are pretty dank, as is the epic music. Add epic music to anything you put on YouTube, and I guarantee you get an average 3.7 million more views than without any epic music.

The computer generated characters must have taken months to create and render, and I only say that because there is no way the producers of this trailer got paid in any capacity. Meaning they did this on their spare time, presumably. Sucks for them. But the time and effort needed to make a high-class product like this parallels a full-time job, so I tip my hat to these know, if I was wearing a hat.

But enough about bad Japanime-turned Nolan-esque movie trailers. Check out the trailer above, and then check out the NJNM discussion on the trailer in this week's episode: Three Days of the Condor.

Peace out, ass-clowns.

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