Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Future is Looking Good

This is a small apology to anyone who has checked out this blog and hoped for more than just the two reviews that I've had up for the past month or so. I've seen so many films since I've last updated, and I've ALMOST written a couple posts about a few of them. But I just couldn't seem to pull the trigger. I didn't think that I had enough to work with. But someone close to me told me something to the effect that I don't need to write a dissertation about every movie I want to write about, and you know something? She's right.

So I'm thinking of doing something innovative (well, innovative for ME, anyway). In the month of March, I'm going to try to post something on every film that I see for the whole month. That way we can get some meat to this site and have some stuff to look back on. This will also mean that there will probably be updates like twice a week, which will be good for those of you who use this as just another reason to procrastinate. This includes myself. Mainly, I'm doing it to crack down on myself for being lazy about posting recently, and more importantly, I think it'll be fun. So follow along if you're up for the challenge, friends. Until next time...